christa desrets



Christa Desrets. Loves Rolo. 28 years old. Journalist. University of Florida grad. homeowner.
currently living in Erlangen, Germany.

creative. skeptical. thinker. optimist. spontaneous. quirky. geek.
fun. determined. goofball. emotional. over-analyzer of things. romantic.

Rolo. family. friends. Kiba. Hachi. Gators. Florida. Japan. FSM.
gaming. anime. manga. sci-fi. music that suits my current mood. dancing. being goofy. traveling.
chocolate. cookies. sukiyaki. curry. mocha.
swimming. college football. writing. foreign languages. concerts. romance. the ocean.
sources who call me back whether for good news or bad.
asking the hard questions and getting honest answers.

tomatoes. mushrooms. asparagus.
cold, rainy days. being far from family and friends.
blaming the messenger. the media as a scapegoat.

TV ~ Bones. Game of Thrones. (J)Music Station. 30 Rock. True Blood.
MANGA ~ NANA. Skip Beat. Buffy.
BOOKS ~ Sookie Stackhouse series. Anything about LBJ.
INTERNET ~ onemanga. icanhascheezburger. googlereader. twitter.
MUSIC ~ Girls' Generation. Tegan and Sara. Lights. Tenacious D. Ikimono Gakari.
GAMES ~ WoW. Shakes & Fidget. Rock Band.

started in 2002 when i was still in college. revamped in 2008.
private entries, friends-only entries and public entries all within.

Special thanks to quabble for my awesome NANA mood theme <3
13 going on 30, adult swim, ai yori aoshi, aihara miki, alias, angelic layer, anime, argentina, asian kung-fu generation, ayane, big sexy hair, bjork, blink 182, boxcar racer, brownies, buddhism, buffy, bugging allison, card captor sakura, cheesecake, chobitsu, chocolate, clamp, coffee, concerts, cosplay, cruel intentions, cvs2, dance dance revolution, dancing, dead or alive, design, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, drew barrymore, emo, empire records, escaflowne, eyes, fatal frame, fenix tx, final fantasy, fruits basket, gaming, gators, graphic design, green day, gwen stefani, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hirai ken, home movies, homestar runner, hot gimmick, howl's moving castle, hugs, i love rolo, inuyasha, irony, japanese, jennifer garner, jetta, johnny depp, journalism, jpop, kakipi, kansai gaidai, kimono, kisses, ladybug extermination, laughing, lip gloss, lit, longwave, lord of the rings, love, magazines, magic knights rayearth, mai shiranui, manga, miwa ueda, music, nana, naoko takeuchi, natalie portman, nausicaa, new found glory, nihongo, nintendo, non-fiction, okashi, okgo, orange range, outdoor cat, pantsless, paradise kiss, parrots, peach girl, pinstripes, pirates, pretty guardian sailor moon, procrastinating, rain, rancid, reading, reitz union, rolo, sailor moon, sakura, sarah michelle gellar, sarcasm, scooby doo, scuba, shinsengumi!, shinto, singing like shit, ska, sneaker pimps, spirited away, star wars, sugar, sugarcult, swimming, swing dance, teabag ninja, techno, the beatles, the cardigans, the clash, the ramones, the strokes, tokyo mew mew, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, twinkle twinkle, umbrella cockatoos, university of florida, unsung zeros, usagi, utena, writing, yatta, yazawa ai, yuna, , 日本語, 枚方, 関西, 関西外大, 関西弁