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Hachi big smile // _gnarkill

July 2011

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Hachi cute surprised // nyappy_nana

LJ for travel blog? survey says...

Hello, LJ world. I've been thinking of getting active on here again, now that I have some pretty interesting stuff to post about from my travels in Europe. Plus just life stuff in general, and I need an outlet to keep up my mad writing skillz since I'm not working here.

However! I'm trying to decide if LJ's the place to do it or if I should get another blog now that LJ is pretty dead. But even so, I can still share this through other means, no matter where it is on the web. Plus, I have so many past updates on here from way back when, that I'd hate to lose all that history by moving elsewhere. Conundrum.

So, that's where you come in! Anyone who is still active here on LJ, shoot me a comment letting me know. If I get no comments but have some interest through my connected sites - mainly, Facebook and Twitter - then I'll still give it a go. :D


Pretty much everyone is on Tumblr now. I feel like using LJ to share stories and pictures now is like having a hotmail account. Yeah technically it works, but if you want strangers to see your stuff and take you seriously, there are cleaner, more modern ways to go.

(I use LJ to rant, whine, and talk about stuff with some degree of anonymity!)